Dog Daycare


The Grateful Dog is your premier destination for dog daycare in San Francisco. While your pet lounges at our facility, they will be stimulated with bright colors, scientifically-produced music for dogs, toys, and all the comforts of home – not to mention other dogs of similar size and temperament to socialize within group sessions. Each dog in our care receives playtime and one-on-one time with one of our experienced handlers, mini-massages, and walks to the park at least once a day.


PlayCare Rates and Packages Monday - Friday 7am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm*

  • All Day PlayCare (More than 6 hours) – $55
  • Half-Day PlayCare (Less than 6 Hours) – $45

Membership Punch Cards (expire 1 year from date of purchase)

  • 10 Days of Half-Day PlayCare Package – $400
  • 20 Days of Half-Day PlayCare Package – $740
  • 10 Days of All-Day PlayCare Package – $490
  • 20 Days of All-Day PlayCare Package – $880

Monthly Packages ** (expires 1 month from date of purchase)

  • 1 Month of PlayCare Package (M-F) – $770
  • 1 Month Unlimited PlayCare Package (7 days/week) – $858

Reservations are not required for PlayCare customers.

Siblings and dogs living in the same household are discounted 15%

Packages are non-refundable.

*We allow late pickups up to 2 hours after our closing time between 7 pm to 9 pm on weekdays and 5 pm to 7 pm on weekends. Please note that a late pickup fee of $25.00 will be applicable for any dogs picked up between 7 pm-9 pm on weekdays and 5 pm-7 pm on weekends. If a dog is not picked up within these designated times, it will be considered an overnight boarding arrangement and must be retrieved the following morning or day.

**Monthly Packages expire a month from the day purchased and auto-renew monthly. Please email any changes or cancellations to existing packages prior to that date.

EMAIL: [email protected]